Industrial Textiles

In the field of industrial textiles it is not enough to offer a good fabric, it also needs to be perfectly suitable to the following processing.

For this reason, Textrade follows with extreme care the raising and shearing processes of its fabrics. Our technicians attentively evaluate our customers’ specifications so as to offer not only a high quality fabric, but also a product that perfectly meets the requirements.

Continuous checks are carried out during production and on the finished product, in order to grant our fabrics steady high quality. The monitored data are then stored in an individual customer database to allow easy coordination between Textrade and your company.

Our fabrics are made out of: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and mixed Cotton/Polyester.



Our textiles are employed in the following fields:

Clothing: 250-350 GSM, 100-130 GSM for coagulation, 150-200 GSM for coating

Furnishing: 180-200 GSM, cotton*

Automotive: 100-150 GSM, mixed cotton/polyester*

Handbags and leather goods: 210-250 GSM, cotton, mixed cotton/polyester*

Footwear: 170/210 GSM, mixed cotton/polyester *

Bindery: 90-130 GSM, cotton, mixed cotton/polyester *

* Stated weights and compositions have a mere illustrative function of the most requested products for each sector.

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