Teasing, Topping and Heatsetting


Through our Mario Crosta raising and shearing lines and the heat setting by Bruckner stenter frames we improve the technical specifications of our textiles so as to meet your requirements.

Our facilities allow us to undertake third party processing of fabrics both for clothing (**) and for other industrial sectors.

Frequent periodic maintenance of our lines and a thorough constant monitoring of their working parameters guarantee the highest quality standards.

** Clothing fabrics: during the first year of activity of our lines we delivered high quality textiles to our customers.

Textrade and the environment


The plant uses one of the best filtering systems against manufacturing dusts.

Instead of polluting the environment with dusts, these are conveyed to the Biomass Power Station and used to produce energy, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing.

“Biomass energy has solved two fundamental problems which affect other renewable energy forms such as solar and wind energy: storage difficulties and supply discontinuities”

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